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Deep in the heart of New York, where every corner tells a story and every wall is a canvas for self-expression, where the city’s streets swell with infectious electricity and life moves fast to the soundtrack of sirens and skateboard wheels, Lab Rat NYC was born. 
Inspired by the vibrant energy of New York’s 90’s street culture, Lab Rat NYC is not just a brand, but a nostalgic journey through the urban playground that is New York. We draw our inspiration from the raw, unfiltered essence of those days, capturing the spirit of a generation that thrived on rebellious creativity and the art of simply living in the moment. 
Lab Rat NYC encourages our wearers to find beauty in the grit and groove of the streets and to embrace the chaos of everyday life. Every garment pays homage to the graffiti covered walls, iconic landmarks, and people of New York. At Lab Rat, we celebrate the city’s melting pot of culture and strive to ensure that the spirit of NYC lives on in every thread. 
Lab Rat NYC lives with a carefree attitude, delivering a fun and easy-going take on everyday streetwear. We simply refuse to take itself too seriously, because after all, life’s too short not to have fun. Whether you’re cruising the streets, or dancing under the neon lights in the city that never sleeps, let us be your passport to the unapologetic, exhilarating, spirit of New York. 
Lab Rat NYC is not just streetwear, it’s a celebration of the urban playground that inspired it all! 
Pretty Important


"OMG firstly, I LOVE my new Acid Tongue tee!! Finally found a t shirt that not only fits how it should, washes well and it is funky AF"


“I purchased from the Rock N Roll collection the Rockabilly Skull Hoodie and the Bleeding Heart Hoodie. I was impressed by the professionalism and the quick turn around on the product delivery. True to size and really happy with how it looks.”

Ross Clarke-Jones

Big Wave Legend

“Purchased this Ghost Alone Hoodie in black, very nice and relaxed fit. Fabric is extremely comfortable. Love the simplicity of the print and often get asked where I got it from! Very happy with this hoodie and looking forward to expanding my Lab Rat Collection. ”

Tara Firth

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